Ayn Rand - Anthem

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Godina izdanja: Ostalo
ISBN: 9780451191137
Jezik: Engleski
Autor: Strani

Izdavač: Signet
Br. strana: 253
Mek povez.
Nekorišćena, u odličnom stanju.

`He lived in the dark ages of the future. In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice. In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to see and find knowledge. But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted. He was marked for death because he had committed the unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless human herd. He was a man alone. Ayn Rand’s classic tale of a future dark age of the great “We” – a world that deprives individuals of name, independence, and values, anticipated her later masterpieces, “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”.
This centennial edition of “Anthem”, celebrating the controversial and enduring legacy of its author, features an introduction by Rand’s literary executor, Leonard Peikoff, which includes excerpts from documents by Ayn Rand – letters, interviews, and journal notes in which she discusses “Anthem”. This volume also includes a complete reproduction of the original British edition with Ayn Rand’s handwritten editorial changes and a Reader’s Guide to her writings and philosophy.`

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