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ISBN: Ostalo
Godina izdanja: Ostalo
Jezik: Engleski
Oblast: Ezoterija
Autor: Strani

LIVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE, Connecting With The Other Side And Demystifying Death & After-Life Experiences

Autori: Maureen McGill & Nola Davis

Izdavač: Ozark Mountain Publishing, U.S.A., 2010.

Strana: 90

Angel books and ghost stories have intrigued readers for years. Live From The Other Side is more than stories of visits from Aunt Edna or Uncle Roy. It contains real experiences of people who have validated this universal connection with deceased loved ones.

Live From the Other Side is a collection of real life stories of ways to connect with the other side. Included are stories about:

moving towards resolution after death

experiences during death watches

visits from deceased family members

visits from people who have become messengers

In short, these are stories about resolving grief and finding ways to become aware of the other side. At the same time the content demystifies death and after-life experiences.

Maureen McGill and Nola Davis, after many years in the field of healthcare, university teaching, and healing arts are committed to helping others move forward out of grief into the possibilities of continued communication with loved ones. The stories are real, carefully selected from among the many stories related to them. As authors, they see an audience that is searching for relief from the overwhelming emotions connected with loss and death.

Books about life after death have made an impact in the last few years. Why not help those validate signs, messages, dreams that can be discussed openly? Why hasn`t anyone opened up the dialogue about how we connect with the other side? We all have this inherent ability. People want to hear each other`s stories. So here it is: Live From The Other Side.

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