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Plaćanje: Limundo Cash
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Godina izdanja: Ostalo
ISBN: Ostalo
Jezik: Engleski
Autor: Strani

Doors in the Air is the story of a boy who is fascinated by doors. He marvels at how stepping through a doorway can take him from one world to another. He is especially enthralled by the doors of his imagination, which he refers to as `doors in the air.` He delights in discovering that when he passes through these doors, he leaves behind all feelings of boredom, fear and unpleasantness.
Doors in the Air is a lilting journey through house doors, dream doors and, best of all, doors in the air.

`The little boy in this book knows the ins and outs of his house. He knows the bedrooms and the knick-knacks, the furniture and the closets, but best of all are the doors. Doors that allow him to go in and out. Doors that open wide and let him pass through to a magical world of imagination. There’s a door for every mood or thought or idea. He never knows what will be on the other side of the door, but he can’t wait to find out.

`Weale’s inspiring rhyming text harmonizes perfectly with Pratt’s surreal painted illustrations. The text, written from the young boy’s point of view, has a poetic flow to it that pushes the book along at a nice clip-clop. The illustrations begins grounded in the real world as the boy speaks of his house and the things inside, but then the boy begins going through doors and the illustrations become more fanciful and imaginative. The boy is accompanied by a motley crew of animals (a tiny elephant, a flying fish, and a long-necked red bird) on his journey that adds to the fantastical atmosphere of the imaginary world that flows from jungle to desert to island.`

Knjiga solidno očuvana, kvalitetan masni pair u boji, predivne ilustracije u boji, na engleskom vaše mališane koji uče ovaj jezik.

Troškove poštarine snosi kupac. Moguće i lično preuzimanje u Subotici.
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