Airliner [ZX Spectrum]

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Isporuka: Post Express
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Plaćanje: Plaćanje pre slanja (Ostalo)
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Žanr: Simulacija
Igrica za: ZX Spectrum

Airliner [1982; Protek]

Originalna igra za ZX Spectrum računare.

Airliner, from Protek Computing, is a realistic simulation of what it`s like flying a commercial aircraft. All the normal controls are present, enabling you to take off, manoeuvre, navigate and land; it`s also compatible with Protek`s joystick, which does add to the fun. Flying the plane successfully requires a good amount of practice - in fact I wouldn`t be surprised if it was almost as complex as the real thing. A map is included to show the aircraft`s position, and this can be turned on or off at the touch of a key. It`s a well written and sophisticated program, but the lack of a view from the cockpit is disappointing, especially when you consider the popular Flight Simulation from Psion. However, Protek`s program fits into 16K, while Psion`s needs 48K.

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