GainWard 6800GS agp8x 512Mb

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EAN/UPC: Ostalo
Kapacitet memorije: 512 MB
Povezivanje: AGP
Proizvođač: Gainward
Čip: Nvidia

Product description
Graphics card Gainward BLISS 7746 or 6800GS AGP is based on the nVidia chip firm for the middle market segment - GeForce 6800 GS - and is made of 110 nm FSG process. The core is clocked at 425 MHz, and 512 megabytes memory GDDR-3 to 1000 MHz. Memory chip has access via a 256-bit bus for the bandwidth of 32.0 gigabytes

The card is intended for older AGP 8x interface, which means that you can not use SLI involvement. The architecture is composed of 12 full-pipelines (compared to 4 for the FX 5950 resp. 8 with ATI Radeon 9800XT). nVidia architecture significantly incorporate a card offers truly high performance even when using sophisticated shaders version 2.0 or 3.0.

The graphical interface, this card can handle Microsoft DirectX 5.0, to complete support for DirectX 9.0 (specifically including advanced 9.0c Pixel and Vertex Shader 3.0) and OpenGL 1.5 New generation technologies such as CineFX 3.0 and Intellisample 3.0 provide the required performance, output quality and a wide range of functions. UltraShadow in turn ensures better support for generating realistic dynamic shadows in new games like Doom III (card can write in special modes and 32 Z and Stencil values ​​/ pixels per cycle).

The card also supports decoding of MPEG-2 (DVD compression format) and MPEG-4 files and can accelerate a number of other video operations with a dedicated video processor. The video output signal is provided by two independent and high-quality converters RAMDAC 400 MHz.

The card has a TV-out, which certainly appreciate anyone who would like to play movies from a computer to a larger TV. Because of technology, nView nVidia can connect any combination LCD monitor, classical VGA monitor, DVI display or TV (second display can show the same as the first or even a fully-fledged desktop). This particular model has one DVI and one D-Sub connector.

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