VOICE OF ISRAEL Abba Eban signed by autor

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ISBN: Ostalo
Godina izdanja: 1957
Jezik: Engleski
Autor: Strani

37977) VOICE OF ISRAEL , Abba Eban signed by autor , Horizon Press New York 1957 , Israel`s rebirth is, in Ambassador Abba Eban`s words, `a drama conceived in majestic terms, and acted in the sight of eternity.` Here, in a chronicle by the man who was his country`s voice at the tribunals of world opinion since the establishment of the State of Israel, is an unequaled picture of the then young country in the first decade of its modern national freedom. The chronicle opens with a glance eight years prior to the writing of this book, to the unforgettable firs day of Israel`s independence, when Arab armies sought to crush its independence by armed force. `Opportunity and danger, supreme ecstasy and icy fear came together in that moment side by side.` Mr. Eban surveys all that has befallen his nation since then, and finds that despite many dark clouds `the brave ambitions of that summer morning have not played us false.` The reader is then taken back to a year-by-year examination of Israel`s fortunes at moments of historic decision. With hostile armies swarming over Israel we find the eloquent envoy at the United Nations defiantly rejecting an Arab ultimatum calling for abrogation of Israel`s independence: `Whether they want peace or war--they can have it only with the State of Israel.` Across the passing years the chronicle reveals Israel`s position on security in the Middle East; on the Arab refugee problem; on Jerusalem and the Holy Places; on the Suez Canal; on border clashes and their remedy; on American-Israel relations; above all, on the underlying factors in the conflict between `the vast Arab Empire with its twelve sovereignties in the golden age of emancipation` and the small people of Israel whose `meager domain of freedom` was challenged by the Arab world. The story is told in language of rare dignity and grace, and with a full sense of pageantry. Eban discusses Israel`s past, present, and Hebrew culture.
hard cover, dust jacket with minor damage , size 14,5 x 21,5 cm , 304 pages , signed by author , with a dedication of the author to marko Nikezic leader of the liberals among the Yugoslav communists ,

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