Texas Instruments TI-92 Graphing Calculator

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It came with a computer algebra system(CAS) based on Derive, and was one of the first calculators to offer 3D graphing. The TI-92 was not allowed on most standardized tests due mostly to its QWERTY keyboard. Its larger size was also rather cumbersome compared to other graphing calculators. In response to these concerns, Texas Instruments introduced the TI-89 which is functionally similar to the original TI-92, but featured Flash ROM and 188 KBRAM, and a smaller design without the QWERTY keyboard. The TI-92 was then replaced by the TI-92 Plus, which was essentially a TI-89 with the larger QWERTY keyboard design of the TI-92. Eventually, TI released the Voyage 200, which is a smaller, lighter version of the TI-92 Plus with more Flash ROM. The TI-92 is no longer sold through TI or its dealers, and is very hard to come by in stores. Revolutionary instructional tool combines the power of a computer lab and the independence of a calculator with capabilities that previously required expensive computers and software, TI-92 helps students explore and visualize math disciplines, make connections

DALLAS, April 6, 2010
Texas Instruments has developed a revolutionary instructional tool for high-school and college mathematics that combines the power of a computer lab and the independence of a calculator. The portable, handheld, cost-effective TI-92 delivers many capabilities that had been available only in expensive computers and mathematics software. The device also gives teachers the ability to connect mathematics disciplines in ways that have not previously been available.

Using the features and functions of the TI-92, teachers in a variety of mathematics courses can effectively turn any classroom into a computer lab at a fraction of the traditional cost. TI is introducing the TI-92 this week in Boston at the annual conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Developed after years of consultation with classroom teachers and leading educators, the TI-92 fully supports the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics. The unit handles a broad range of mathematics from algebra through calculus including interactive geometry, symbolic manipulation, statistics and 3D graphing. It incorporates all the features of the popular TI-82Graphing Calculator.

The TI-92 is also compatible with TI`s Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL™) System. Together these products give students the ability to analyze real-world data and connect math and science.

`Now teachers have a tool that students can use to explore and visualize a number of math disciplines, ` said Dr. Bert Waits, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at The Ohio State University. `What`s more, they can use the TI-92 to discover the connections between disciplines. Even expensive computer software packages haven`t provided that link between the branches of mathematics.

Powerful capabilities for a variety of high-school and college math courses

TI developed the interactive geometry features of the TI-92 jointly with the creators of Cabri Geometry II [tm] software at the Université Joseph Fourier. Students can use interactive geometry to explore Euclidean, transformational and analytic geometry. The software makes it easy to build geometric constructions interactively using points, lines, triangles, polygons, circles, arcs and other basic shapes. These objects then can be translated, rotated and dilated.

TI developed the TI-92`s symbolic manipulation features for algebra and calculus in a joint effort with the authors of the DERIVE® computer algebra system produced by Soft Warehouse, Inc. Once students understand the methods of factoring, they can explore expressions that otherwise would have been difficult and time-consuming.

The TI-92 graphs functions, parametric equations, polar equations, recursively defined sequences and 3D surfaces. It also performs a variety of matrix operations.

The device incorporates pretty print technology that makes even complicated mathematical equations easy to read. Rational expressions, radicals, exponents, complex numbers and absolute values appear just as they would in a printed textbook. The built-in text editor has scripting capability so users can embed mathematical information in text.

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