Return of the Sphinx - Hugh MacLennan

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Stanje: Polovan sa vidljivim znacima korišćenja
Garancija: Ne
Isporuka: Pošta
Post Express
Lično preuzimanje
Plaćanje: Plaćanje pre slanja (Ostalo)
Grad: Palilula,

Žanr: Ostalo
ISBN: 0-7705-0255-5
Godina izdanja: 1971
Jezik: Engleski
Autor: Strani

Revolutionary violence in Quebec--and indeed in many other parts of the world as well--has demonstrated in a terrifying way the prophetic quality of Return of the Sphinx. The title refers to the Oedipus legend of the sphinx which made cities sick, tore families assunder, and set sons against fathers and daughters against mothers--a description that seems only too apt for our society today.

Set in Montreal and Ottawa, Return of the Sphinx illuminates the conflict between Alan Ainslie, idealist, patriot, intellectuel, and his son Daniel, a young revolutionary Quebec separatist. It is combined with the tender love affair between young Chantal Ainslie and Gabriel Fleury, friend and contemporary of her father.

Izdavač: Laurentian Library 10
Broj strana: 307
Pismo: latinica
Povez: mek

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