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sridsigma (1830)

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Godina izdanja: Ostalo
ISBN: Ostalo
Vrsta: Opšti
Tip: Ostalo
Jezik: Srpski
Autor: Strani

We would like to announce that in answer to explicit requirements of foreign diplomats, foreign workers, students and commercial representatives, of foreign tourists, departments for Slavic languages at Universities abroad, of the Serbian diaspora for learning the SERBIAN language the AUDIO COURSE FOR THE SELF-STUDY OF SERBIAN – 1 will be available for purchase from October 23, 2006.

The SERBIAN-1. audio course ( in a quality package ) contains:

- TEXTBOOK with 40.units, vocabulary (approx. 1900) new words, grammar (phonetics, morphology, syntax) literacy, tests, dictations…
- PRACTICE BOOK closely following the textbook evaluates the knowledge attained through a wide range of tasks, tests and phonetic exercise and has an exercise key at the end of the book.
- 10 AUDIO CDs with sound recordings of the 40 units and exercises from the TEXTBOOK and PRACTICE BOOK (dictations, exercises, questions and answers)
- TEACHING MANUAL, suggestions by authors and methodologists in which way, by which method and pace the student will best and in the shortest time period (in 3.months) master SERBIAN-1.
- MUSIC OF SERBIA, 1 AUDIO CD, with vocal and instrumental Serbian traditional music interpreted by famous singers and groups.

A team of over 20 eminent authors, artists and professional assistants was engaged in the preparation of the individual learner’s edition SERBIAN-1.

Lično preuzimanje je jedino moguće u Sremčici.

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