Abscess - Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men autopsy

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Želi ovaj predmet: 2
Stanje: Polovan bez oštećenja
Garancija: Ne
Isporuka: Pošta
Post Express
Lično preuzimanje
Plaćanje: Plaćanje pre slanja (Ostalo)
Grad: Stari grad,
Beograd-Stari grad

Izdavač: Ostalo
Godina izdanja: 1996
Žanr: Hard Rok i Metal, Rok
Poreklo: Strani izvođač


Omot/CD: M-/M-
Death metal / hardcore / punk sa clanovima Autopsy.


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Record Grading:

Mint (M)
A record graded M is brand new and unplayed

Mint Minus (M-)
A record graded M- is as new, but has been played a few times with no loss of sound quality to follow.

Excellent (Ex)
If a record is graded Ex it is a used record in great condition. It has been played but it hasn`t lost anything in sound quality. It might have minimal and hardly visible scuffs from gentle use.

Excellent Minus (Ex-)
An Ex- record is almost as terrific as an Ex record, but there is a possibility of light crackling noises at the very beginning and end of the record.

Very Good Plus (Vg+)
If the record is Vg+ it has some surface scuffs from regular use, but there is no drastic loss in sound quality.

Very Good (Vg)
A record in this category has surface scuffs which often result in pops and cracks in between songs and in quiet passages.

Very Good Minus (Vg-)
With a Vg- record there is a risk of the needle skipping and there is a risk of noise in between- and in the middle of songs.

Good (G)
A record in this condition hasn`t been taken care of properly. The needle is likely to skip several times during a playback and the surface is dirty and ugly.

Fair (F)
An F graded record will be almost impossible to listen to. There will be a lot of noise caused by deep scratches and a dirty and ugly suface.

Bad (b)
These records may ruin your cartridge.

Cover grading:

Mint (M)
A M cover belongs to a new and unplayed record. Usually the cover is sealed. A M cover can have cut outs, cut corners or drill holes. If it does this will be noted. If a cover is in mint condition, all original inner sleeves and inserts are included.

Mint minus (M-)
If a cover is M- it is as new but it is usually not sealed.

Excellent (Ex)
An Ex cover is almost as new but there can be signs of slight ring wear.

Excellent minus (Ex-)
Ex- means that the cover is close to an Ex cover, but there is a risk of slight wear on corners as well as ring wear.

Very good plus (Vg+)
If a cover is graded Vg+ it has signs of regular use. There may be slightly bend corners and a slightly worn surface due to shelf wear.

Very good (Vg)
A Vg cover is worn from regular use. It could easily have a torn spine or split seams. Maybe both.

Very good minus (Vg-)
If a cover is graded Vg- it is is very worn and / or slightly abused

Fair (F)
An F cover is in a pretty bad shape either from wear or abuse.

Bad (B)
A B cover is even worse than an F. you probably wont find any covers in this shape in our web shop.

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