endoskop kamera 5m,auto oprema

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endoskop kamera 5m,auto oprema endoskop kamera 5m,auto oprema endoskop kamera 5m,auto oprema



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Isporuka: Post Express
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Plaćanje: Plaćanje preko Kupinda (Limundo Cash)
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Grad: Palilula,


The mini endoscopy is a true plug-and-play driver not installed, convenient detection equipment and a 10 mm camera ( 0.3937inch )
A new electronic health and industrial pipeline detection products, which can capture the image, to the computer in real time video and photos, storage, printing, or uploaded to the internet.
You can use it to check, ear detection, etc.
Waterproof camera and hose, length of 2m/5m/7m/10m
4 white LED light adjustable.

Camera head outer diameter: Φ 10mm (0.3937inch);
Waterproof Leval: IP*67
Resolution : 640*480 30ftps
USB2.0 interface, Can adjust the 4 light-emitting diodes
Focal distance:4-6cm
Basic computer inquires:
Connecting computer to the video endoscope, you must satisfy requirements Below:
Computer must have at least one serviceable USB connection port.
System: Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista / 7 , Mac 10.43 / 10.49
Internal memory: 64MB or higher
Display: Picture element 640X480 or higher
CPU: Pentiums 300 or higher
Hard disk serviceable space: 12MB or Above
Color: Black
Weight: 309g
Package Weight: 330g

Packing content:
1 x USB Borescope Camera

tel dogovor.

Predmet: 17358445
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