Omega FS 9318 CD/DVD Cleaning & Reparing Kit

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Omega FS 9318 CD/DVD Cleaning & Reparing Kit

Komplet za opravku oštećenih diskova.

FREESTYLE CD/DVD/BDR CLEANING AND REPAIRING KIT Easy-to-use solution to scratched, not-readable optical discs. Thanks to special formula, repairing fluid fills in the micro scratches on the disc`s surface. Even if, the scratches are visible, the reflection angle of reading laser becomes undisturbed. It allows to read the scratched discs and make the back-up copy. TYPE OF PRODUCT: CD/DVD/BDR CLEANING AND REPAIRING KIT Content: repairing fluid, cleaning fluid, fluid absorbing textile discs, especially designed microfibre cloth. USER MANUAL: 1. Put the disc inside the packaging with recoding side top. 2. Use cleaning fluid and absorbent tissue to clean the disc. 3. Use repairing fluid and micro-fibre cloth to polish the repairing fluid over the disc 4. remove the disc from the packaging and test repairing results Remarks: Heavily damaged discs with deep scratches may not be successfully repaired with any solution available in the market. Once the reflective layer is damaged, data loss is unevitable.

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